Dolomite Rubble

Crushed dolomite is most often used to form the base for the road or other types of bases, reinforced concrete structures, making of concrete and asphalt concrete mixtures, in chemistry and metallurgy.

AR10 UAB offers certified dolomite rubble of  different fractions at producer’s prices. We can deliver dolomite rubble to customer’s sites using our own vehicles. We are capable of completing orders of large scope due to our high transportation capacity.

Upon request, the rubble or other mineral materials can be loaded to customer’s vehicles at our warehouse in Šiauliai.

The dolomite rubble price at the site mostly depends on the transportation distance and is calculated for each case individually. Flexible prices and payment terms are offered to loyal customers and big orders. Upon signing an agreement, we are able to offer more favorable payment terms and conditions.

Please contact our manager to further discuss the questions you are interested in, get a consultation and a personal commercial offer.

Dolomite Rubble Assortment


DescriptionFractionComparative Weight (t/m3)
Dolomite rubble0-21,56
Dolomite rubble0-51,60
Dolomite rubble0-16NS1,60
Dolomite rubble0-221,76
Dolomite rubble0-22NS1,60
Dolomite rubble0-321,75
Dolomite rubble0-451,80
Dolomite rubble0-45II1,75
Dolomite rubble0-561,80
Dolomite rubble0-56II1,75
Dolomite rubble2-51,35
Dolomite rubble2-81,38
Dolomite rubble5-81,40
Dolomite rubble5-111,38
Dolomite rubble5-161,44
Dolomite rubble5-321,44
Dolomite rubble5-451,41
Dolomite rubble5-561,50
Dolomite rubble8-111,34
Dolomite rubble11-161,37
Dolomite rubble11-221,37
Dolomite rubble16-221,40
Dolomite rubble16-321,42
Dolomite rubble16-451,36
Dolomite rubble16-561,39
Dolomite rubble22-321,35
Dolomite rubble22-451,37
Dolomite rubble22-561,36
Dolomite rubble32-631,32

Person to contact

Edgaras Norkus

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Our Advantages

Flexible prices and payments options

We can offer competitive prices and payment options as all the main bulk material purchase orders are handled by us at our sand and gravel quarries.


We operate one of the largest fleets of tippers in Šiauliai County and guarantee that we will deliver your products whenever and wherever you need them.

Product integrity

We carry out constant quality assurance in accredited laboratories to ensure product integrity.